Lentigram is a software to interlace a sequence of pictures. With Lentigram you can also:

  • create a pitch test; 
  • calculate the optimal stereobase;
  • calculate the lenticular depth of field for a given lenticular sheet;
  • simulate the final result before printing.

The demo version includes all functionalities but the interlaced image and the simulation are watermarked.

Lentigram uses a ray-tracing technique to interlace a sequence of images and the more images you provide the better results it produces.

A smoothing option can be used to reduce discretization typical of images which are too deep for the selected medium. The higher the number of images to interlace the better the smoothing results.

With lentigram you don't need to produce a master file. For better results generate the intelraced image at the exact decimal pitch you measure using the pitch test tool, e.g. 40.04LPI.


How to create a pitch test with Lentigram

How to create and simulate an interlaced image with Lentigram


Lentigram is available for Windows 10 - 64 bits, MacOS El Capitan and MacOS Sierra - 64 bits.

Lentigram-1.0.6-win-10.exe (stable)
Lentigram-1.0.6-mac-10.11.dmg (stable)


Lentigram-1.0.8-win-10.exe (development)
Lentigram-1.0.8-mac-10.11.dmg (development)


To stay up to date with Lentigram development, reporting issues or ask questions please join the Lentigram Google Group